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In Geography, accessibility of a place is generally defined as the more or less great ease with which this place can be reached from one or several other places, by one or several individuals able to travel by means of all or part of existing transport modes. Thus, accessibility does not only refer to the […]

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Is called flow the circulation, the transfer of a given amount of persons, vehicles, information, goods carried by communication means. When this quantity is related to a time unit, this gives a rate of flow. The rate of flow is thus a measure of circulation that varies according to the type of flow under study. […]

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Intuitively, a graph is a diagram composed of a set of points and a set of arrows, each linking two of those points. The points are called the nodes of the graph and the arrows are called the arcs of the graph. In a more formalised way, Claude Berge defines a graph G as the […]

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A network is a set of elements that may be material, the infrastructure, and immaterial, electro-magnetic (waves) or informational, which ensure the establishment of relations between different places of a territory and between the entities that are occupying them. It comprises not only linear, permanent or temporary, elements which express the existence of relationships and […]